Materials ExchangeCenter

           One of the solutions for waste treatment is to transfer wastes from a factory to be materials for another company. However, many companies faced many obstacles related to this project. Because both factories had to spend time exploring the opportunity and possibility of exchanging materials and considering the cost of management. Laws and regulations also cause some problems in exchanging process. We are pleased to be a mediator to facilitate the materials exchange to reach the accomplishment of both parties. With the help of our updated customer database, we are able to match the needs of each factory and solve any problems related to material exchange project.

Your problems and our solutions

1. Waste time for exploring the possibility of the project 1. Our experienced environmental engineers and our own database can evaluate the possibility of the project quickly.
2. Difficulties in coordinating between factories 2. Our team is ready to be a coordinator between factories and will take care of processes related to material exchanges such as transporting waste sample, waste analysis, and transporting waste during experimental period while still reserving privacy and confidentiality of customers.
3. The quantity of waste is not worth for exchange. 3. We have database that contains information about clients and collects any kind of material exchanges in our system, so that we can gather materials from many factories to have enough quantity for exchanging program
4. Regulatory affair between authority and factory 4. Our environment team is pleased to be a facilitator between factory and Department of Industrial Works and other governmental agencies if the project is required legal approval.