Environmental consulting service.

Our environmental engineers and scientists provide consulting service related to industrial environment in manufacturing plants and factories. We have specialists in every aspect of industrial environment such as water pollution, air pollution and industrial waste pollution. We are confident that we can help our clients correct the problem, develop and control environmental systems while complying with environmental laws as well as ISO 14001; the standard of environmental management systems. Details as followings:

Pollution control services for juristic person
Siam Material Exchange Co.,Ltd
is registered as a pollution controller for juristic person with the Department of Industrial Works (Registration number 123-49-062). We are complying with Ministry of Industry Notification regarding category and size of industrial plant assignment, Pollution release control regulation, Qualifications and Registration regulation related to pollution treatment system controller and operator B.E. 2545. We are certified to be controllers in areas of water and wastewater treatment system, air pollution control system and industrial waste management system.

Environmental analytical laboratory services

We offer environmental quality analysis using only laboratories registered with Department of Industrial Works. Besides, we provide result interpretation and analysis to help customers understand how to fix the system appropriately. Details as followings:

• Annual water and air quality planning
• We helps customers with water quality planning, annual air quality planning, and environment quality planning starting from identifying the parameters, deciding on points of inspection, number of sample and sample collection schedule (time and date) along with the lowest possible price of analysis
• Drafting government report as well as measuring in-building air quality and factory-chimney air quality.
• We ensure customers that every step will comply with scientific principles and regulations
• Waste quality measurement

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• Clean water parameters
• Wastewater parameters
• Air quality parameters
• Waste quality parameters
• Water pollution standard
• Air pollution standard.

Training services

We offer environmental and safety training sessions for your employees and staffs
• Topics discussed are chemical use safety
• Workplace ergonomics
• Workplace environment
• Efficient industrial waste management
• Wastewater treatment system management
• Air pollution treatment system management
• Environmental laws and regulations
• Energy saving techniques and principles
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Designing, developing and construction of pollution treatment system services

Designing, developing and construction of pollution treatment system services
Our environmental engineers provide engineering and designing services for water treatment and water supply system, sewage treatment system, air pollution control system and others related to pollution treatment. Our company also supplies you with equipments and chemicals used for wastewater treatment and air pollution control system.