About us


Siam Materials Exchange Co, Ltd. has been established since 2005 by a group of environmental engineers and scientists who have 10+ years experience. First, the firm started off as a consulting company specialized on wastewater treatment system, air pollution control system and industrial waste management system only.

However, the demand of full-service hazardous waste management companies had been increasing. The company began adding industrial waste transportation service in 2006 by cooperating with Laemchabang C.L.Transport Co.,Ltd.; who has been experienced in industrial waste transportation since 1997, and other disposal companies in our network. Our partners offer many procedures to treat industrial waste including Reused, Recycle, Incineration, Cement Kiln and Landfill in order to cover a variety of wastes. Our environmental expert will act as consultant to advise the most appropriated waste management method to client while still complying with the laws and good practices.

These collaborations help the company to prompt in every step of the waste management process and to serve the customers safely and effectively

Head Office Lham Chabang