Industrial waste management system

Industrial waste management

Siam Materials Exchange Co., Ltd. focuses on the problems our clients encounter regarding industrial waste management, so we have developed our services to respond to all needs of customers. Total Waste Management is offered to customers seeking convenience and high efficiency. Customer-Based-Service is also available for clients who have special need in some areas. They can choose and combine any services we have, such as waste collection service, transportation service, separation service, waste disposal service and cleaning service.

About industrial waste management

From our experiences working on industrial waste management, we found that most concerning pollution in manufacturing plants or factories is industrial waste pollution. The amount of the wastes depends on what kind of industry they are from and how big of the factories. We also found that most factories have no on-site waste disposal system because the construction cost is not worth the quantity of the wastes they produce daily. In order to treat industrial wastes, the plants have to send them to other authorized waste treatment facilities outside.