Welcome to Siam Materials Exchange Co, Ltd.

Siam Materials Exchange Co, Ltd is a full-service consulting firm advising and servicing on environmental management. Our experienced engineers specialize in wastewater treatment system, air pollution control system and waste disposal system. We help our clients solve the problems, develop to high efficiency and reduce the total cost of environmental management.

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High Experience

Our team of environmental engineers has more than 10 years of experience in areas of wastewater treatment, air pollution control and industrial waste management. Our team applies their skills across a diverse set of engineering such as designing, construction, operation, and industry. Therefore, we understand the problems client faces. We know how to solve them effectively and develop the management system to the high efficiency.

High Quality

To ensure the quality of our service through our personnel, our environmental staffs have been trained and assessed by the Department of Industrial Works; Ministry of Industry, to be certified environmental managers, controllers and operators etc. Our clients are assured that our service is legally and scientifically qualified by the national and international standard.

Reduce Total Cost

With high experience and our qualified environmental staffs, we administrate to develop the efficiency of the environmental management system to be higher, and eventually lower the total cost of management.